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Sled Deck

We offer a fixed sled deck (NO SLIDERS) made out of steel construction complete with 8 foot ramp with dove tail and 10' ramp without dove tail. These decks sit on it's own frame that fits inside the bed of your truck, with 1/2" heavy duty turnbuckles. 

Sled Deck Hardware

This detailed blog post will give you everything you need to know about mounting the deck to your truck bed To secure your snowmobile(s) to the deck, a Superclamp is a must. It is easier, faster and much more secure than anything else on the market.

An important but often overlooked step is not only locking down the front of the sled, but also securing the rear. The Superclamp rear connects to a side channel which comes standard on a couple of sled deck options below.

Sled Deck Requirements

Let’s first take a look at what a typical load looks like:
Sled deck: 400 lbs (estimated)
Snowmobiles x 2: 1200 lbs (estimated)
Riding gear x 2: 100 lbs (estimated)
Driver + passenger: 400 lbs (estimated)
TOTAL: +/- 2100 lbs


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